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Founded in 1946, McKinney Properties is a privately owned real estate investment company that has quietly gone about the business of creating value, building wealth and preserving capital for its investors and partners through the ownership and management of quality real estate assets. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, we have owned and operated more than 10,000 multi-family and student housing units and over one million square feet of commercial and retail space.

McKinney Properties consists of a team of seasoned real estate professionals with experienced in-house capabilities in property management, leasing, marketing, operations, construction, deal sourcing, underwriting, finance, accounting, law and tax. Understanding that people are the driving force behind the success of our organization, we have created an environment that rewards excellence and promotes accountability and have been able to attract and retain some of the most capable people in the industry. The members of our management team have an average of more than 23 years’ experience in real estate. More importantly, most have spent the majority of their real estate careers with McKinney Properties.

Our longevity is the result of discipline and focus. In contrast with fee operators or companies driven by transaction volume, we are long-term owners of real estate focused on the growth of cash flow and the building of wealth through the compounding of equity. We emphasize quality assets in protected locations that offer the opportunity for longer term investment. Rather than relying on a sale as the primary means to protect value and equity, we use our experience as owner-operators to identify opportunities to add value to underperforming assets in ’20-year’, renewable locations.

Over our history, McKinney Properties has developed substantial experience as an investment sponsor through its management of a series of successful real estate limited partnerships in which investor capital was contributed by high net worth individuals and families. We have an outstanding track record as a fiduciary due to our rigid investment discipline and the financial commitment we make alongside our investment partners. Accountability, trust and respect are the cornerstones of our organization. We treat investor capital as our own and structure each investment so it is clear we intend to make money with our partners not off our partners. In addition to working with investment partners, we have also entered into a number of successful joint venture relationships with strategic financial and operating partners who sought us out due to our financial strength and our broad operating expertise.


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